Jon Rahm just couldn’t quite take off in the WGC Mexico Championship. His birdie output was extraordinary, one of the best in the tournament at the Club de Golf Chapultepec, but the bogeys kept him from competing full-on in the fight for the win. He was on the brink the entire week, but he didn’t manage to get his foot in the door.

It wasn’t his best week physically either, seeing as how Jon was a bit under the weather with the always uncomfortable allergies. In any event, he was brilliant off the tee and very accurate on the putter. The only aspect of the game that wasn’t up to its usual standard of excellence were the shots to green. He wasn’t able to place them as close as he’s used to.

However, where he really lost the possibility to fight for the win was on the first two holes. They were accessible, and the majority of the golfers took advantage of this jump start at the Club de Golf Chapultepec, while the golfer from Barrika made par on each one, with two double bogeys.

Be that as it may, Jon didn’t leave empty handed. The 21 birdies he made in Mexico to finish in the top 20 were worth triple. Rahm decided to donate one thousand dollars for every birdie and three thousand for every eagle, which his sponsor, Isagenix, as well as the company Unifin decided to match. And that they did. In the end, he donated 63,000€ in total to the Red Cross foundation in Mexico to help the victims of the earthquakes.

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