It’s true that the most important stretch is yet to come, where every shot counts, those make or break moments, but that didn’t stop Rahm from making the best shot of the week before the start of such an unusual Masters in November. We can assure you that there will not be any other shot as spectacular in the following four days of the tournament.

It was on Tuesday, during the practice rounds at Augusta National. On the 16th hole. Rahm, since he wouldn’t have it any other way, carried out the mythical tradition on this par 3. Although there wasn’t an audience, there are some things that simply cannot be passed up. He positioned himself on the front-side edge of the lake that protects the greens, and he made the shot amidst the frogs hopping around the lake, not only back up onto the green, but straight into the hole!!!

Indeed, it was a hole in one, dancing around the waters of the famous Augusta lake. It came up from the right side of the green, caught the famous slope on this hole, and ended up landing directly in the hole, in the same position he usually finds himself on Sundays.

It is most certainly not a bad omen of what’s to come this week, although evidently, the most important moment is the start of the tournament on Thursday, and that’s when he’s got to be on point. Be that as it may, Jon Rahm has a very clear plan in mind for his course of action. It’s about patience, patience and more patience. The goal is to avoid high scores, and to keep it at the forefront of his mind that there are many options for birdies throughout the course. In short, the key will be to calm the nerves. ‘With the exception of the par 5s, the rest of the holes at Augusta have an average of shots over par, which means that if I shoot par on one hole, it won’t be a total disaster, and I’ll continue to gain more ground on the rest of the holes. Even on the par 5s, the birdie is not a shoe-in. Only the 13th hole, which is more accessible, and can usually be done in two shots, but it’s crucial to play well on the rest of the holes, so it’s important to stay calm and collected.’

Rahm will play in the first two rounds with Bryson DeChambeau and Louis Oosthuizen. On Thursday, he’ll play in the morning, and on Friday in the afternoon. The forecast says there’s rain on the horizon. It’s Jon’s fourth Mast

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