In Mexico City. Chapultepec Golf Club. Nearly 2,300 meters above sea level. That’s where Jon Rahm will begin his journey in the World Golf Championships, this Thursday starting at 6:58 pm Spanish time.

The golfer from Barrika now has world golf’s golden ticket and thus the possibility to open doors to some of the most important tournaments in the world after the majors. Jon will start the WGC México Championship off, directly made possible after the results at Doral, on the 10th tee, with two of the best golfers in the world: Martin Kaymer, Ryder hero and ex Number 1 in the world, and American golfer Gary Woodland.

Rahm will make his debut in the World Championships on a very demanding course, narrow off the tee and, most importantly, where controlling the distances will be the determining factor in the outcome. It’s not easy to commit to a shot when you have to hold back on the swing much more so than usual due to the altitude. It’s almost a question of faith. The caddie’s job and confidence in the previous training done to prepare for the course will be fundamental.

Not much drive on this course, as long as you take on a more conservative stance off the tee. It isn’t quite so clear to Jon. He hasn’t ruled out the possibility of breaking out the driver if he sees it as crucial to shoot above the trees. The reality is that if he finds that fine line, he can gain a lot of ground on his opponents who opt for the iron.

As with all world championships, the WGC Mexico Championship is composed of four rounds and there is no cut. A magnificent way to break in his recently acquired European Tour membership. At the moment, Jon is an affiliated member. This week he will start to accumulate points to earn the card at the end of the year.

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