If no one has been capable of doing this in the history of golf, it’s for a reason…Jon Rahm will take on the epic, legendary challenge this week. The Tour Championship starts this Thursday, the grand finale of the FedEx Cup, last tournament of the PGA Tour season. If he succeeds, he will win the entire FedEx Cup and will become the first golfer in history who wins on the first attempt, apart from Tiger Woods, evidently, who won the first edition of the FedEX Cup in 2007.

But there’s more. Jon would go down in history in a big way, at lightening speed. The golfer from Barrika is the youngest of the thirty contenders in the Final. It’s logical, due to the circumstances, that many have their eye on him, which among various reasons is because he’s the only one who’s made three top 5s in all three of the playoffs held so far.

Rahm reached the goal he set for himself at the start of the FedEx Cup playoffs. He wanted to make it to the Final in Atlanta among the top five. And that’s exactly what he did, which means that he depends solely on himself to take home the FedEx Cup title, and to pocket what is probably the most famous check in sports history, all ten million dollars. If he wins, he’ll be the champion. That’s all there is to it. A legendary finale to an epic season.

The FedEx Cup Final will be held on the East Lake course in Atlanta, a wonderful setting, and very demanding at that, where you have to play very well to win. The oldest veterans of the place assure that the golfer who wins the trophy this Sunday will definitely be the best throughout the week. Winning requires a solid game from tee to green, avoiding big mistakes and to be on point on the hard, fast greens. Up to now, the theory, and now the hardest part, putting it into practice. Rahm, in any event, is prepared, ready and willing to fight this battle in the US.

The winning scores at East Lake are usually below double digits. Good news for Jon now that’s he’s at the best moment in his game.

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