Jon Rahm’s exciting, eventful visit to Laredo. The golfer from Barrika was deemed Member of Honor at this vibrant club in Cantabria which, despite the fact that it still doesn’t have a golf course, already has 500 members and counting. All of which have an incredible passion for golf and Jon had no qualms in accompanying us throughout the entire day this past December 17th.

It began at 12pm and ended at 6pm in the afternoon. Together with Rahm were his father Edorta, Eduardo Aguirre and another professional from Larrabea, Mikel Galdós. The festivities started off with a cultural visit through Puebla Vieja and the Santa María church. An hour later, the group went to the R.C. Náutico where the Laredo Golf Club showed a special interest in assuring that Jon considered the possibility of the Regatón as an ideal setting for Laredo’s future golf course. All of them confirmed that the space was perfect to host a golf course like Laredo. Additionally, they were also able to see and confirm the project the club has for this area first hand.

Jon Rahm’s putting green clinic at the club began around two in the afternoon. Around forty people attended. Jon explained all types of approach shots in detail, although his explanations on shots from the bunker were quite possibly the most interesting and informative, the members from Laredo assure. His friend Mikel Galdós contributed as well with some precise technical comments (as a professional player and golf coach at the Larrabea Golf Club), on how each of Jon’s shots were flawlessly executed. To finish the clinic, Rahm had some fantastic shots among which were a few lobs with the 4 iron, imitating the great Seve Ballesteros.

Around three in the afternoon, there was a lunch in honor of Jon organized at the Camarote restaurant at Laredo. For dessert, in a relaxed setting, Jon and Mikel were asked a series of questions, selected by members of the club.

The act closed with a speech given by the president and the dedication of the “Star of the Club” awarded to Jon Rahm in “appreciation of his visit to the club and deemed Member of Honor of L.C.G.”. Gifts were also given to both Jon and Mikel, on behalf of Patxi Pérez (two beautiful paintings of golf created by the inlaid wood technique) tins of anchovies courtesy of Conserva del Cantábrico and Laredana and a book by Ramón Sota, courtesy of the Ramón Sota foundation, as Jon will be playing (as the star invited guest) the Pro-am organized by the Foundation at Pedreña on December 23rd.

Jon Rahm would like to take the opportunity to “thank all members of the Laredo Golf Club for the kind treatment received during his visit. Everything was great. I had an amazing day and it was a pleasure getting to know a lot of the members. I hope they continue with that same passion for golf. We’ll see you next year. A sincere thanks to all.”

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