Jon Rahm will be at the Tour Championship starting this Thursday, the grand finale of the FedEx Cup. The golfer from Barrika will play at East Lake, and still has a chance to win the PGA Tour.

It won’t be easy, seeing as how he’s starting off in 24h place in the tournament, but while there’s life there’s hope. Jon, as expected, will not be throwing in the towel by any means.

The winning combination for Jon to take home the FedEx Cup is as follows. He needs to win, and that the following circumstances play out:

– DeChambeau comes in 21st place or below

– Rose finishes in sixth, tied with two other golfers or below.

– Finau ends up third, tied with another golfer or below (in which case they would tie in the FedEx Cup and they would have to play in a tiebreaker).

– Dustin Johnson comes in second tied with two other golfers or below.

– Justin Thomas finishes in second place tied with two other golfers or below.

– Keegan Bradley ends up in second place or below.

Last year, he made it to this same tournament in a much more difficult situation, but he wouldn’t be the first golfer in history to win the FedEx Cup going into the final in twentieth place or below. Rahm, by the way, arrived to East Lake after having made a trip to the dentist to get his wisdom teeth removed, which posed a threat to his performance in the Ryder Cup, as they could act up and cause problems for the Spanish golfer.

It’s inevitable that the nerves of what’s to come next week have already made their way in, but Jon isn’t in a rush. The Ryder can wait one more week for now, seeing as how there is still much more to fight for throughout these days in Atlanta. Jon will play in the first round alongside Rickie Fowler. There’s no better way to warm up for the big event in Paris within eight days from now.

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