There are two ways to look at Jon Rahm’s visit to Spain in regards to the Acciona Spanish Golf Open, and the Estrella Damm Andalucía Masters.

Strictly from a sports perspective, if we only look at the stats, giving up the Number One throne did not meet his expectations. But there’s one thing about Jon that never waivers; everytime he tee’s off on the first hole, it’s with the sole intention of winning the tournament. He missed the cut at Valderrama, and finished in 17th place at Club de Campo, falling very short of Jon’s aspirations.

However, if we look at it from the perspective of the impact he made, in a social aspect, his visit completely blew everyone’s expectations out of the water. It was evident that he made a profound impact. In that aspect, it’s not only based on the sheer size of the audience at both tournaments, which was officially 100,000 people, astronomical numbers for Spanish golf, but also the reach he had in the media, fans eagerly awaiting news on the great Jon Rahm.

One of Rahm’s spectators was Pau Gasol, for example, during the Pro AM in the Estrella Damm Andalucía Masters, a very symbolic image that attests to the respect he has from the sports world elite. Gasol, who had announced his retirement just a few days ago, also jumped on board the train of fans following the journey of the Number One in the world.

No, it wasn’t the outcome Rahm had hoped for, but his impact was sensational. Jon admitted after finishing at Valderrama that he was menatlly exhausted after a very tough year emotionally: first-time father, six majors, US Open victory, fight to win the FedEx Cup, visit to Spain two years later, the elimination from the Memorial due to Covid-19 with the tournament practically in the bag…So much so, that after finishing at Valderrama, he confessed that for the first time in his career, he had no desire to see a golf club for a few days…

Now, it’s time to rest and recharge his batteries, and turn his focus toward the DP World Tour Championship, the Dubai Final held the 18th to the 21st of November in Jumeirah.

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